Fishing and customer acquisition is almost the same thing.

You need to attract their attention using a bait.

Depending on your business type, there are so many different types of baits you can use to easily get your customers attention.

When you walk around some cities, you hear loud blaring microphones advertising one thing in the other.

They need your attention, that’s why they are doing that.

But if you are selling online, for me, it becomes easy, while your competitors are going around shouting buy, buy, buy, you can utilize sharing educative free contents just like this one you are reading right now to get your prospective customers attention.

Say for instance, you into eCommerce, you sell hair growth creams.

You can create a well researched article or video content or even a in PDF format,

Where you educate them on the real causes of say hair breakage or maybe baldness.

You will agree with me that anyone who has the problem that that your product solves will be drawn to that content and they will come closer to check it out.

That’s what’s called attraction based marketing,( where you don’t go pursuing customers upandan, rather while you sit down and crossing your legs, you draw them in like where where they get fowl by dropping maize seeds to them).

To get your customers attracted and drawn in, is very easy, just go into their heads, begin to discover what they are thinking,

Questions they are likely asking,

Put yourself in their shoes and know where it’s itching them.

Try to uncover their desires and pains.

If you can discover that, you have a gold mine.

Just like a fisherman discovers what the fish desires, which is food, not just food but he goes ahead and selects their favorite food which maybe earthworm.

Ones he presents that to them by attaching it with a hook strategically buried inside where the fish only sees the food, they get drawn in.

The difference is just that in fishing, you may choose to use any kind of bait that may even kill the fish, since you are getting it to eat it.

So it’s your customers, you want to eat them, but you don’t want them dead. Else you will eat only once and go hungry.

So you need to be very strategic as choosing the kind of bait you are gonna use so they keep alive so you keep eating them continuously.

This is one of the reasons why so many relationships dies an untimely death(ie if there’s anything like timely death).

The man attracts a lady using so many bait-like stuffs like:

  • His good character
  • His money
  • His good looks
  • Takes her out
  • His love
  • His time, Etc

So also does the lady.

  • She plaits her hair
  • Wears beautiful cloths and make ups
  • Acts respectfully, Etc

But along the line when the nuts are finally tied, you see them stopping to do all those things.

Forgetting that their relationship partner, unlike the dead fish, is still alive and still has their brain working and needs all those things.

So also is it in a business relationship, when you have attracted a customer, never you forget that they are still alive and have other problems they need solved.

I will have to tell you that,a customer getting your product or service actually has solved a problem,

But do not forget that solving a problem really created another problem, and that could mean MORE money for you as a business person if you solve it for them.

Say for instance, when a lady buys a pink top from you, it has created another problem for her which is, she may now be thinking of getting a bag or shoes that will match the top.

Do you have a way you up-sell her that?

If you do, she will buy. Because the best time to sell to a customer is immediately he or she has bought something from you.

He is in the buying mode just like in a heat period kinda something.

When a customer buys something like a car or computer from you, remember they now have a routine maintenance problem.

Why not up-sell them that?

When a customer buys a bag of rice, they now have a tomato or condiments problem.

Up-sell them that, as that’s one way to make more more money from a customer and 10x not just your sales but profits as well.

Think up a way you can do this in your business and you will never struggle to make sales or grow your business.

There are virtually four proven ways to increase sales and profits thereby growing any business, I just revealed one to you, will you want to know the other 3?

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