Facebook Page: A Free Business Growth Tool

Grow Your Business With Facebook Page

This simple strategy of Facebook page can help you transform your business and make profit faster.

I’ve been using this same strategy and getting back at least 500% ROI.

A lot of guys out there that knows how to tap into this.

Facebook has moved from being a place where you chat with your friends, post selfies to a big Market place, where a lot of money is flowing simultaneously .

But it takes you knowing this to be able to tap into it.

That’s why I’m making this post in other to teach you how to start by creating Facebook page for your business.

3 Simple Steps To Tap Into This!

  • 1. Create a Facebook Fan page.
  • 2. Put up your product details and a clear instruction on how to get it.
  • 3. Then place a $5/day Facebook Ad targeted to the right audience.

    Then sales will start coming.
And if you run a business that has to do with recruiting,

and your landing page happens to be a whatsapp group, just insert your group link and direct them to the presentation group to explain your business model and sign them up.

I have done this for a lot of MLM Team  Leaders

Directing hot traffic to their respective Whatsapp groups and making them possible ROI in Millions within 1, 2, and 3 months.

A lot of people are really tapping into this and are making a lot of money.

But, Facebook has become very strict with running ads

Facebook noticed that a lot of money is moving on the platform, and any suspicious activity or ad rule violated will end up with a ban (flag).

Remember This Strategy:

Your Business  (products and services) + Well targeted Facebook Ads = REAL Money!

NOTE: I don’t guarantee that you will make a million in one month.

You need to know how to write good copies and master it to be able to maximize profit.

But this works very well cos I do it and know many others that do the same thing.

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In this blog post I’ll be taking you by the hand, teaching you “How to Create a Page for Your Business

Having read this post to this stage means you are really interested in creating your own Facebook page for more business deal.

You don’t really need to be a guru to create a Facebook page

All you need is a smartphone or a laptop computer, an internet connection and a Facebook account.

As long as you have this, all you need to do is to login to your Facebook account to get started.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create one HERE

Easy steps to creating a Facebook page.

From your Facebook timeline, kindly click on the Menu arrow at the top right of your screen.. Then navigate to the Create Page option from the dialogue box..

From the nest page you have an option to choose the type of Facebook page you want to create. (Choose if it is a Business/Brand Page or a Public Figure/Community) For Business owners, you should go for Business or Brand…  If you are going to become an influencer or you have a NGO or a community you can select the second option..


Fill in the required fields on the form on the next page, and click on continue.

Next is to upload your Profile Picture and Cover Photo and you’d have a fully functional business page to grow your business via Facebook.

Select your desired image from your storage gallery and click on Upload Cover Photo thereafter. Once both images are being uploaded successfully, this is what your Facebook business page looks like..

So what’s next?

Upon creation, you’ll need to like and follow your page, and you can add a CALL TO ACTION (CTA) button on your page as this enables engagement of your visitors to communicate with you directly from your Facebook page..

The command at the CTA segment of your page is dependent on the option you have selected..  You can make visitors contact you by sending a message or calling your phone number.

You can input your url to make visitors learn more about your business, download your app or play your game. If your business is on a whatsapp group then you need to copy your whatsapp group link and paste in the provided box for your website..

If you need visitors to contact you directly from your page, kindly click on Contact me button and select your preferred CTA button as in the image below..

Let’s say you decide to use the call Now option, after you’ve set it up this is what your CTA button looks like on your page.

You can add a short description of your business as this is important for Facebook to always show your page when anyone searches for a page that contain a keyword that matches a word from your brief description.


You can continue to edit the settings of your page using all navigation tabs on the page’s screen..

Once you have been at this stage, you will understand the next post and will be able to make the best use of it..

Francis Taiwo

CEO, Toffglobal Digital Network


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